Tuesday, 29 May 2012

June 26th-28th, 2010 pt.1

Amanda and I were in a bit of a dilemma on whether we should attend my cousin’s wedding 2 weeks from now on July 10th.  It didn’t take long for us to make a decision; weddings are very special for the ones getting married and I’m sure they’ll appreciate us being there.  This will mean it’s going to be a straight shot home to Toronto.  I figure 14 days will give us enough time, but we’re not used to riding on a fixed schedule so we’ll have to do a little planning.  

Yesterday we talked to mikeRD400 about riding to Whitehorse together.  We woke up this morning, said our thanks and goodbyes to Walter, Tommy, and Hal; and were back on the road again. 

It was a smooth ride south to Whitehorse and the weather couldn’t have been any better.  MikeRD400 giving his legs a break from sitting too long. 

We grabbed dinner at the Real Canadian Superstore and had a picnic in front of the SS Klondike once again.  We managed to find a place to camp near the spot we camped the last time we were here in Whitehorse.  We stayed away from the mountain bike trail this time. 

The next morning we had planned to pick up our KLR decals at the post office.  We ordered them back when we were in Fairbanks and had it shipped general delivery here in Whitehorse.  It’s Sunday today and the post office is closed.  This meant we have to stay another night.  The three of us checked out a few souvenir shops before parting ways with mikeRD400. 

To kill time, we went to the library, did an oil change, went to church, and hung out at the same spot we camped last night. 

The next morning we woke up and went to the post office as soon as it opened to pick up our decals.  I forget when I first saw these stickers, but I found them to be hilarious and had to have one. http://www.realtimeindustries.com/

I went with green to stay true to Kawasaki’s colors

Amanda went with blue to resemble more with BMW’s crest

It’s funny how some people mistake our bikes for BMW’s when it clearly reads Kawasaki underneath the decal. 

Here’s a funny quote I found on a website “These stickers will not cure male pattern baldness, increase your horsepower, or fix your doohickey.  Though the logo style is reminiscent of some other logo (I forget which), these decals will not cause your KLR to cost twice as much, nor will they make you break down twice as often.” 

532 km

Racing to get home.

Mailman is on holiday.

Held back for a day.

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