Friday, 4 May 2012

May 21st, 2010

This morning we rode into a town called Tok. 

 We picked up a few brochures at the visitor center to get orientated and got free Wi-Fi at All Alaska Gifts

Wrangell Mountains up ahead

The Alaska Range in the backdrop

Who says it’s cold at this time of year?  Feels like summer!

Another pic of the Wrangell Mountains

We stopped at the post office in Glennallen and picked up our Eagle Mike Doohickeys.  We bumped into a guy there who offered to let us camp in his front yard.  We might just have to take him up on that.

This butterfly was caught in the radiator; not sure if it’ll survive.  We hope it does. 

We got in contact with AlcanRider and met up with him at the local grocery store.  We also happen to randomly meet jts45acp on his way to his seasonal employment job as a fisherman in Kenai.  The four of us had one thing in common, we all rode KLRs.  Jts45acp invited us to come visit him if we ever rode out that way.

AlcanRider had a wealth of information and experience on the Dalton Hwy; aka The Haul Road.  For those of you who don’t know, the Dalton Hwy is 414 miles of hard packed dirt, gravel, and a few patches of paved road.  It ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and Prudhoe Bay oil fields; the northernmost point in North America accessible by road.  AlcanRider gave us some tips on what to expect, where to camp, and where to get gas.  He also hooked us up with Beezer in Anchorage who selflessly agreed to help us install the Doohickeys. 

AlcanRider considers riding from his home in Glennallen to Coldfoot and back, a lunch run.  The way his machine is all farkled up (accessorized) pretty much speaks for itself. 

After 10 days without showering, we paid a couple bucks to get one. 

We took up the offer to camp in the front yard from the guy we met at the post office.  The guy wasn’t there, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind since he offered.

Mount Sanford towering in the background.

324 km

Surprisingly hot.

This a KLR rally?

Blinded by the light.

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